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How it Works

“Happiness” is wanted by most but achieved by very few. Wonder why? Well, we tend to approach it from the wrong end. We believe that success will lead to happiness but it is actually happiness that ensures success. How many of us consciously seek happiness in our daily lives?
Well, we have devised some really cool stuff to put happiness on the front burner, a place it really deserves. All of these activities spark the neurochemicals that make you happy. Dopamine is released when you achieve your goals, oxytocin when you connect with people and serotonin when you contribute to the world around you.
  • Rock n Roll encourages you to engage with your family and friends in a fun way.
  • Random Acts of Kindness demonstrate how happiness multiplies when shared with total strangers.
  • Happiness Coach creates options to get you out of a sad and sticky place through the process of Reflect.
  • Shuffle helps you to look at creative connections to not just find solutions to your problems but also generate happiness.
  • Happy Journal shows you that it isn’t just important to be happy but to remember it too. It sweetens the struggles and life looks rosier.
  • Attitude of Gratitude infuses you with happiness as you realise how much life has given you and how many people have contributed to your achievements.
  • Happiness Meter makes you aware of your levels of happiness in different areas like Personal, Career, Finances, Fun etc. to check which area needs enhancing and how to do it.
  • Happ a Minute pushes happiness from the front burner to top of mind to be able to see life through a positive lens.